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From contemporary Chinese paintings, sculptures to frescos, Artasus is the nexus for discovering a wealth of artistic innovations in Chinese Art with the mission to promote the beauty of Chinese Culture heritage.

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Artasus Fine Art is the exclusive art gallery and agency house for influential culture-focused artists with the mission to foster closer cross-cultural exchange between Chinese art and the rest of the world. 

Our anchor patron artist is Jiang Bingqing (姜炳清). Born in 1961, Jiang Bingqing studied in China and apprentice of Masters Wu Guanzhong (吳冠中) and Zhang Yimin (張一民). He is widely regarded as China's prominent modern pioneer artist in Chinese Art, licensed as China Senior Craftsman Artist (中國高級工藝美術師), China Arts Association Member (中國美術家協會會員), China Mural Association Member (中國壁畫學會會員), Jiusan Society Member (中國九三學社社員) and China Construction Group Chief Art Director (中國建築集團藝術總監). He has won distinguished awards as “Shanghai May Day Labor Medal” (上海五一勞動獎章), “Shanghai Star Art Master” (上海星銳工藝美術大師), “Shanghai Craftsman Medal” (上海工匠稱號), “2014 Shanghai Top 10 Public Environmental Artist” (上海環境藝術十大領軍人物). He is also appointed as prominent professor in China arts academy institutions.

Jiang Bingqing has been appointed by China's Ministry of Culture (中國文化部) for global exhibitions in Austria, Canada, Mexico and Panama since 1980s. He was Chief Artist for 1988 China's 1st Intercity Olympics Games (中國首屆城市運動會); 2010 Shanghai World Expo (上海世博會); 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit (上海合作組織峰會); 2021 Hangzhou Asian Games (杭州亞運會). He is the only Shanghai artist who participated in both 12th and 13th China's National Exhibition of Fine Arts for 10 years (全國美展由中國文化部、文學藝術界聯合會和美術家協會聯合主辦,自1949年首屆舉辦至今,五年一屆,作為中國美術界最權威且規模最大的頂級展覽). 

Jiang Bingqing's pieces are served for culture exchange, preserved in multiple museums and collected by global renowned families. He has been actively supporting and sponsoring for art & culture development in China. For Jiang Bingqing's detailed Chinese bio info, please refer to Baidu Official Wikipedia - 姜炳清百度百科.

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